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Steven Hutson

   Steven Hutson is a child of the sixties, a native of Los Angeles, and a storyteller almost from birth. In the course of his career he has worn many hats, but today he works as a literary agent and manages a local writers' conference. He and his wife Ruth are longtime members of a non-denominational church in the High Desert of Southern California.

   About the book: In Search of Clarity - Why do we believe as we believe? Why do we attend one church and not another? Many people follow church traditions or family customs but never actually make an informed choice for themselves concerning religious beliefs. Since we're saved by divine grace, does it really matter how we live? Did the Reformation truly renounce Catholicism or restore primitive Christianity? Many people attend church year after year, yet don't have a good understanding of the faith they profess.

   Throughout the book, In Search of Clarity, author Steven Hutson has decided to question and challenge traditional thinking and ask the question, Why? In hope of finding a full life moving forward, he opens the book and turns the tables on many sacred cows that have been previously left alone. Whether you are a seeker or in the midst of your journey this book will shed a great deal of light on the path before you.