Crossover Publications
Houston, Texas  USA

Randall M. Mooney

   Randall M. Mooney is the founder and Publisher of Crossover Publications. He is an entrepreneur, ordained minister, publisher, writer and musician. Mr. Mooney has ministered throughout the United States as a featured speaker for churches, conferences, and conventions. He has also ministered in Belize, Mexico, Columbia, and Israel.

   In 1987, he and his wife Deidre, settled in Brandon, Mississippi and started several companies and ministries. They have raised six children and currently have twelve grandchildren and one great grandchild. Through their ministry and businesses, they have worked hard to make a difference in the lives of those they have employed and ministered to. He has authored three books, published numerous others, and continues to develop projects designed to educate and encourage.

   In addition to serving the local church, his other ministry projects include serving on the board of a drug and alcohol recovery center where he teaches recovering drug addicts and alcoholics the way to take control of their addictions and their lives through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. He also works with other local ministries to establish effective outreaches to desperate inner city neighborhoods by reaching out to the poor, the homeless, and those afflicted by addictions and destructive lifestyles.

   Mr. Mooney accepted Christ in 1971 after living in the streets as a drug addict and runaway for three years. He received his ordination in 1974 and has spent his life studying, living, and teaching the way of Christ.

   He currently resides with his wife Deidre, in Houston, Texas.

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