Crossover Publications
Houston, Texas  USA

Leonard and Linda Martin

   It is my desire to introduce you to the creative life you were destined for and the source of the power necessary to live this life to the fullest with the greatest of success.

   Creativity, creative ideas, desires, and destiny were placed in us when God created us. Many of those gifts lay dormant waiting for the right conditions to launch them into life. This creativity and destiny is in seed form, embedded in the DNA of who we are as individuals.

   Can these seeds lay dormant in our lives? Yes, but sometimes they are waiting for proper conditions to break forth. Sometimes they come to life because the timing is right. The life God desires for each of us can be accomplished and become as natural as breathing when we partner with Him.

   My hope in the pages to follow is that you find and put into practice the steps to living a supernatural life in this natural world. Then may you take the supernatural life you gain to create a revolution in the world you occupy as you uncover the Secret of God.

   In 1980, after an encounter with the Spirit of God, Linda Martin began a life-long journey discovering the secret of the mystery of life in the word of God.