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Bobby Weaver

   In his book, If it Weren't for Us Christians, There'd be a Lot More Christians, Bobby Weaver takes an honest look at himself and the Christian community to examine a few misguided attempts at the "Great Commission."  Without trying to be overly preachy, the author has taken a candid approach to suggest that "us" Christians might rethink our "witness" while being a witness.

   From opening almost 1,000 retail apparel stores to starting a national newspaper chain called Beach Bull, Bobby Weaver seemed to have it all.  Well, with one possible exception…and that would be God.  You see, Bobby was on a self-deceived, one-way journey to hell.  But thankfully, God had another idea… and used the most unlikely of candidates to implement it.  Would you believe he used Howard Stern?  Yes, the radio shock jock, Howard Stern!  It was the middle of October in 1996 when Bobby told Howard on a live national  radio show that, “You and every Yankee fan in New York City are the rudest people on the planet!”  But believe it or not, it was Howard’s response that ended up totally revolutionizing Bobby’s life (You will have to read the book to find out the game-changing 5 words that Howard yelled at Bobby).   And it was a few months later in February of 1997 that Bobby “let go and let God” and never looked back.